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Do Veneers/Crowns Damage Your Natural Teeth?

Today, many of our patients can have healthy teeth in 7 days with the dental veneer method. For aesthetic reasons, the teeth can be obtained by cloning the teeth. It is ensured that the teeth that have lost excessive substance due to some reasons are covered with tooth-shaped materials. These types of procedures do not harm the teeth, but prov...

full set of teeth in Turkey

How much does it cost for a full set of teeth in Turkey?

In general, 20 crowns or veneers are sufficient for full set teeth. This number may increase depending on the mouth structure and smile line of our patient. Treatment requires 7 days with free hotel accommodation and VIP Transfer Service.Zirconium crown, E-max Laminate Veneer, porcelain crown prices are available on our site.Zirconium crowns f...

dental implant

What Should Be Done Before And After Implant Treatment?

Some things need to be done and done before and after this operation. If you want to have a healthy mouth and get through this process in the best possible way, this is vital. Everything will end in a great way if the recommendations given are implemented. In this way, both your dentist and you will be satisfied with this procedure. Antalya de...


Are Dental Implants Safe for you If You Have Diabetes?

One of the most unpleasant lifestyle conditions to have in today’s time and age is diabetes, where your body loses its ability to control the blood sugar levels in your body. With a plethora of other problems and effects that it has on our bodies, diabetes is known to slow down our healing. This raises another set of queries and confusions in ...

Zirconia Crown

What is Zirconium Teeth and How Is It Made?

Along with aesthetic expectations very similar to natural teeth, attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the materials used in the mouth, especially in the anterior regions. New alternatives have begun to be sought in metal-supported porcelain crowns, which have been used for many years, because of the aesthetic problems caused by the lac...