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I graduated from Selçuk University in 2017 and have since gained valuable experience in private clinics, state hospitals, and my own dental practice. My professional focus has been on continuous development in dentistry, with expertise in aesthetic dentistry, digital dentistry, implant treatment, sutureless implants, screw-retained prosthetics, All on Four concept, and implant-supported bar prosthetics.


Proficient in Aesthetic Dentistry, Smile Design, Facial Transformation Dentistry, Zirconium, E-max Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening, and other aesthetic applications, I effectively communicate in intermediate-level English and basic-level German, catering to our international patients.


I have honed my skills through various courses, including:

– Anterior Esthetic Composite Restorations

– Implant and Prosthetic Treatment Methods

– Periimplantitis: Causes and Solutions

– Lumineers Method and Cases

– All On Four Training

– Proper Antibiotic Usage

– Powerful Persuasion Training


Additionally, I’ve participated in the following courses:

– Smile Design Course

– Crownson Implant Prosthetic Treatments

– Botulinum Toxin Theory and Practice


These courses have significantly enriched my knowledge and expertise, enabling me to provide advanced and comprehensive dental care.


I firmly believe in the significance of teamwork for success in dentistry. My personalized treatment approaches, especially for patients with dentophobia, distinguish me in both aesthetic and general dentistry. Diligently following digital dentistry and dental technologies, I enhance my knowledge in areas such as implants and prosthetics on digital platforms.


Active participation in domestic and international congresses and seminars ensures I stay current with the latest treatment approaches across all dental disciplines. My dedication to professional development and passion for dentistry reflect my commitment to continually advancing and providing optimal service to my patients.