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Oral & Maxillofacial Operation

It is the diagnosis and treatment of flaws that affect mouth, jaw, face, and neck. Our experts of oral & maxillofacial team at Precious Dent consists of professional dentists with medical and dental precision that allows to deliver the best results to you, our patients.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dentoalveolar Surgery:

Removal of Cyst and Apicectomy

Carious root and teeth

Pre-implant and prosthesis surgery

Managing acute and chronic oral infections

Managing bumps in mouth and jaw

Pain in mouth and face, temporomandibular joint dysfunction

Removal of buried teeth

Lesions that cause trauma on soft tissues


Salivary Gland Surgery:

Mucocele removal and other orofacial lumps, jaw, salivary glands

Intraoral ulcers that form in the mouth

Parotid, submandibular, and sublingual gland operation

Salivary gland problems, dry mouth

Stone removal

In All-on-4 method only 4 implants are planted to each arch, on the other hand, conventional method suggests using implants ranging from 6 to 8 and sometimes even more depending on the situation. Since our implants are planted at an angle, they also ease the process by increasing the contact through a natural support from your bone. As there is no need for bone graft during treatment for most of our patients that is highly common for conventional implantation processes thus you will be saving money, time and for sure your happiness

A dental implant is the most practical way of healing your tooth loss and major decays in general. Thanks to high quality titanium, our implants are perfected to serve as permanent solutions for your tooth loss due to support and stability they add their high durable nature.

Since it is an operational treatment, there will be a healing process during given time but we will be providing you a temporary set of teeth on your implants so you will be walking out of our clinic easily. As follow up, your permanent teeth will be fitted into your mouth after your healing process is done which is roughly eight months after your surgery.

Implants and temporary tooth can usually be inserted simultaneously. In other cases, however, implants must heal in your mouth for several months before finalizing the operation. Lower jaw operations take 3 months whereas upper jaw operations take 6 months until they fully integrate to your bone. You should remember every patient has different healing periods, meanwhile your progess will be monitored meticulously by our team.

We make sure you feel no pain during procedure by applying local anaesthesia to numb the nerves around dental implant area. It is a common thing to feel slight pressure, but this should not dishearten you since it is quite natural.

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