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Dent Precious was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

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Dent Precious has been in operation since 2019 and has years of experience helping its patients looking for a Dental Care in Turkey. We provide the best possible treatment solutions with affordable prices thanks to our highly talented team. We are dedicated to dental perfection and only use the highest-quality materials from throughout the world. Our smile design software and soft tissue laser are all backed by some of the world’s most famous businesses.

Our patients have left us hundreds of testimonials. Whether you want to straighten crowded teeth, close your gap, improve the aesthetics of your smile line, or replace missing teeth, you’ll be surprised at how much we can accomplish in a short period of time with our advanced technology.

Your treatment process with us will be a comfortable and memorable experience thanks to our dedicated and highly experienced Dentists, Surgeons, and Patients Coordinators.


Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile!

Guarantee means that any payment or other benefit that one party provides to the other party when it fails to meet a Service Standard. This file prompts the patients to clearly define what it expects of their clinic and to communicate that to them.  We as PRECIOUS DENT pride ourselves on providing to the patients a dental guarantee, showing the full details of the guarantee terms and conditions in a crystal clear. Below you will find our guarantees available for patients looking for a dental treatment with our Clinic.

There is no doubt that our team will do their best to ensure your treatment is carried out to the highest standard. However, please aware of the fact that the guarantee services will be only valid in Turkey, it means that you will need to buy your own flight tickets for the circumstances that you will need to come back for any further treatment, we will provide you hotel accommodation for the treatment process. For Further information please contact with your patient’s coordinator.



Dental Bridges


Smile Makeover


Laminate Veneer


Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching


Implant with Abutment


Please be aware of the fact that the
treatments listed below
are not covered by guarantee:

This Guarantee file does not cover any other costs associated with travel regarding the agreement.
Please visit our website for further information

The guarantee will be reduced or invalidated in the following circumstances:

Patient Coordinators