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Functionality and aesthetic, structural durability, these are highly important for both dentist and technician.

Shaping teeth is not only achieved by color. Zirconium crowns are designed by taking color tone, saturation, brightness and how transclucent they are into account.

A Natural Display in Dental Aesthetics

Pale and opaque display of the teeth might look insufficient to the patient in terms of lacking translucence.

There are various factors that dentists pay attention. Cutting the edge area of teeth and structural integrity also play important role in this case.

Non-Metal Porcelain Crowns

There are many non-metal porcelain crowns in zirconium and alumina products. Your dentist will choose the material to be used after the examination. Zirconium material provide durability and the aesthetic look we aim to achieve and is preferred to be applied around posterior teeth area. On the other hand, other non-metal porcelain products are preferred for anterior area.

Zirconium Crowns have the durability ranging from 900 to 1400 Mpa whereas metal porcelains have roughly up to 800 Mpa or even less. Zirconium material is also commonly used to construct 3–4-unit bridges. Since they have the identical color of your natural teeth there will not be any gray display around gum area.

What is a Zirconium Crown?

It is an aesthetic dental application. Zirconium Crowns are used as coating because they provide the color closest to your natural tooth color.

Zirconium Oxide serves as a highly resilient porcelain material and is used in operations where our patients expect high aesthetic display. This way, it is easier to get the perfect smile compared to conventional metal porcelain applications. This system is preferred in tooth supported crown bridge prostheses and implant crown bridge prostheses applications.

What benefits does Zirconium Crowning provide?

Zirconium Crowns are highly translucent, they provide the most natural appearance to your natural teeth.

Due to their high compatible nature with gum, they fasten the adaptation process in a short period of time.

There won’t be any purple strip on gum area that happens after metal-supported operations.

They are allergen-free which makes them ideal material for your application.

In zirconium treatment, patient’s teeth loss in minimized.

During treatment, tooth cutting is not the main area of focus. You will have no over sensitivity to both cold and hot post treatment.

Zirconium material provides you a long usage time and you can clean them with basic tooth cleaning methods.

Do they ever get dirty? How should I apply aftercare?

Since Zirconium is strong and durable, there will not be any serious desaturation so long you take care of them. However, excessive neglect of your oral hygiene (e.g., cigarettes, tea, and coffee) may leave stains on your tooth.

You should be applying the same cleaning procedure as you apply to your natural teeth. A proper tooth brushing, and dental floss would suffice.

Could Zirconium damage my teeth?

As with all types of crowns which means covering the teeth, it is required to wear teeth for a certain period to open space for prostheses. Abrasion, in this case, is expected but this should not worry you since it is not any more serious than metal-supported operations.

As mentioned, zirconiums are highly durable but it would be wrong to say they are lifetime strong. Although the material is resistant, your muscle activations, eating habits are also important agents in this scenario.

Which cases are fit for Zirconiums?

If you had your teeth got cut beforehand

If your tooth alignment is not aesthetic because of split teeth

If you feel discomfort due to dark strip caused by metal-supported applications

If your teeth have major fractures

If your teeth have a poor display caused by previous fillings with poor color, structure, and deteriorated texture.

If it is not possible to fill your teeth due to major material loss

If you do not prefer orthodontic treatment, then we design healthy zirconium coatings for your teeth.

How durable are Zirconiums? Are they like metal-supported porcelain crowns? 

They are two different methods of coating. Metal porcelain coating is preferred due its flexibility and durability when used as a bridge in edentulous areas. To exemplify this, metal application would be used if you have more than 2 cavities and if a bridge is planned for operation and it is because this application could maintain solid structures for a long period. On the other hand, although zirconium shares similar ingredients with metal material, it is way more superior as in aesthetic and biocompatibility. It is to say, zirconium application brings higher standards regarding natural appearance.

Which one should I prefer for aesthetic look?

Zirconiums would be your choice if you are looking for aesthetic superiority, tissue harmony and natural display. You should remember, there are various options for zirconium treatments, you will feel satisfied with your well-planned treatment after your vivid natural results.

In metal applications, since material is opaque colors would look cooler and matte than zirconium.

Metal bridges function as support unit for ceramic that tooth form is structured in metal supported coatings. However, zirconium coatings provide a white translucent layer hence there is no dark reflection from the gingiva.

How compatible is it with gingiva? How different is zirconium compared to porcelain crowns?

In operations where metal crowns are used, color reflection problems around gingiva occur because of gingival recession in long period. However, zirconium coating is way more compatible and could be used for long years.

Durable and long-lasting results could be achieved through well prepared coatings. Zirconiums are for sure way more suitable for gum and oral health in general.

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